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As is painting, so is poetry: some pieces will strike you more if you stand near, and some, if you are at a greater distance: one loves the dark; another, which is not afraid of the critic’s subtle judgment, chooses to be seen in the light; the one has pleased once, the other will give pleasure if ten times repeated.

Horace, Epistles, Book II, Ars Poetica, trans. Christopher Smart (via proustitute)

A body to be caressed causes the hand to open.
There is no caress in the clenched fist; likewise,
no pen—the pen half-opens the hand.

The hand opens to the word, opens to distance.

Edmond Jabès, from “Those From Whom…” (“Ceux à qui…”), trans. Keith Waldrop (adapted from heart-hieroglyphs)

(via proustitute)