Feature films:

Short films (All in Japanese):

-All feature films are in English (unless stated otherwise).
-For a quality sample of each video click the screencap link below the title. They have not been edited or resized.
-All Soundtracks are in MP3 format, and are contained in individual zip folders.

  • Subtitles:
    To use a subtitle file, keep both the movie file and the subtitle file in the same folder. When you play the movie your media player should automatically play the subtitles with it. If not, open the movie file first, and then open the subtitle file in the same media player.

    -To open/change a subtitle file in VLC: go to Video > Subtitles Track (the same goes if you want to disable the file).
    -To open/change a subtitle file in The KMPlayer: right click, select Subtitles > Subtitle Languages. If you want to disable subtitles select “Show/Hide Subtitle”.

  • Dual/multi-audio:
    -To select your preferred language in VLC: go to Audio > Audio Track.
    -To select your preferred language in The KMPlayer: right click, select Audio > Stream Selection.

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