Let’s talk about The Kumbayah Myth.

In the Kumbayah Myth, racism will just stop if everyone just started acting nice to each other, and the only reason we still have racism is that people are silly.

Part of the Kumbayah Myth is the erasure of history, violence and power.  In this falsehood, either no one is really at fault, or, actually, EVERYONE is at fault, so everyone is equally bad.   This actually exists only to make white people feel better and never have to change their behaviors.

Go look at Without Sanctuary and maybe read up on The Reconstruction and come back and tell me it’s all equal and IF ONLY Black people were nicer shit would have been different.

Now, let’s talk about this picture I linked.  It says, “Love is Blind” and has a blind black woman and a blind Klansman walking across the street holding hands….

Well, even the symbolism fails, because:

a) The black woman is basically minding her own business

b) The blind Klansman DRESSED UP AS A KLANSMAN- even blind he still HATES PEOPLE.

c) AND WE’VE JUST EQUATED A BLACK WOMAN, by nature of simply BEING A BLACK WOMAN as equivalent to a murderous terrorist.

Oh.  Ok.  If only those damn Black women would stop being so Black, the KKK wouldn’t HAVE to lynch, murder and burn them in self defense. 

You know, tit for tat, right?

But let’s keep going - the only reason, at least, we’d see this picture working is because HE DOESN’T KNOW SHE’S BLACK.  Otherwise, he’d push her into traffic and claim, “I’m blind! I didn’t know what was happening!”

What the world needs is not more hugs.  It needs you white people to stop killing people of color.  It needs for you to stop defending murderers.  It needs for you to stop equating dark skin as violent threat, and therefore, justifiable homicide in self defense.   It needs for you to recognize that YOU, collectively, pull this shit, and no, it is not “equal”, there is no “reverse racism”.

Love is not blind.  Hate is blind- it refuses to see what it does, it demands no one speak of it or say a thing.  And it kills and conveniently forgets a moment later.

Then demands hugs and holding hands and singing kumbayah, and wonders why everyone is so mean to them.

(via stfuconservatives)

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