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But, I also think that “self-improvement” as a dominant cultural narrative and as a product means that we’re drowning in “tips” and “lifehacks” and ways to “optimize” our shit in ways that distract and separate us from deeper engagement with the people and the world around us. And I think that the people who rule this Late Capitalism/Disaster Capitalism/Crony Capitalism/Corporatism/Rule By and For the 1%/Austerity/Eroding of Safety Nets and Public Institutions Like Schools and Roads & Shit What Helps Society Work – whatever you want to call what’s going on in the current political and economic landscape - prosper at our expense when we turn our gaze all the way inward toward what we can do to change & improve ourselves. Because if we blame struggling people solely for their own struggles, and insist that they just need to try harder in order to succeed, we don’t have to face the idea that our own successes were built on more than just our personal exceptionalism. We don’t have to engage with the fact that certain basic shared assumptions about how the world should work are unjust and unsustainable.



The Dream is over - April 4th, 1968

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Miriam Elia

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If you are in New York, please come see the play I wrote in mentorship with Will Eno. We are deep in rehearsal for it! Art by my incredible sister Winnie Song.


April 17  2:30PM

April 19  8PM

April 21  7:30PM


The Studio Theatre
The Pershing Square Signature Center
480 W 42nd St. New York, NY


Family is a play about being born into a violent planet. After their father’s funeral, half-siblings Alice, Linus, and David sit quietly in the house they grew up in. Soon, they begin to hear, smell, taste, and see very awful things.


Free Admission // FACEBOOK EVENT // ASK QUESTIONS AT familyplay2014@gmail.com

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